We emphasize the clear design,minimalist and optimized details.


LifterPro advices are handmade locally with materials and high quality components. Most members of our team have used it. We know what good is LifterPro and how to build. If you are imagining a factory with robots in an assembly line, you are wrong. Our hand assembly process is the key to the quality of each LifterPro. Each device is delivered fully assembled and checked that all components are attached to the mechanism. Although the assembly by hand takes time, we are proud to build the devices in this way. This ensures that you receive the best possible LifterPro.


Combination of CAD/CAM technology with hand craftsmanship is what it takes to be a great product.


The mechanism is lightweight aluminium,cut by the heat of a laser beam focused to withstand years of use. The components are carefully selected,striving in that each is the best choice for a LifterPro.



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